Friskney Forklift Rental
For a day, week, month or long term, prices starting as low as $20 a day. Why worry about repair cost when you can rent one of our lifts and use a it every day for a year, at a cost below combined cost of purchasing, maintaining and repairing your forklift.
We can provide you with a leasing option tailored to your requirements. As your Angola forklift rental dealer we can get you into the machine that is best for your application.
Or longer financing options are available, with little to no money down, and you own the forklift for "ONE dollar" buy out at the end of the lease. Meanwhile you will have had the use of one of our fine forklifts for the entire duration of the lease.

You may choose more than one answer on all questions, unless told otherwise

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* 1. What type of machine are you wanting to rent?
*2. What kind of surfaces will you be driving on?

Paved surfaces. Concret or asphalt terrain. May be rough warehouses or parking lots
Unpaved surfaces, dirt and gravel. Better traction and ground clearance.
Rough Terrain
Outdoor where rocky or muddy


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