Forklift Batteries

About Batteries & Chargers

Our years of selling and renting electric forklifts has given us valuable experience that you can count on for selecting your next battery or charger.

Along with providing the power for your electric forklift. The battery also serves as a counter balance to the load you are lifting. It is important that you select the correct battery to install in your forklift's battery compartment.

How to measure your battery

The steel tray that contains the individual cells is part of the battery assembly.

Always take the EXTERNAL (outside) tray dimensions: Your cables and plug will vary by brand and model. Your battery sales representative can work with you to match the right equipment to meet your requirements.

Fast charging

Typical batteries are charged at the end of a shift or when the battery becomes run down. This is known as opportunity charging. A recent battery development is fast charging units. This technology allows forklift owners to charge a battery in two hours instead of the eight hours it would take using conventional charging methods.

Battery Maintenence

Taking care of your battery is important to extending it's usefulness. This procedure will help your battery last as long as possible.